Student Highlights: Max Packebush

—  MEET MAX  —

Class:  Senior

Major:  Molecular Biology

Maxwell (Max) Packebush was raised in Littleton, Colorado. Early in life, he developed a passion for science and biology that ultimately inspired him to pursue undergraduate majors in both Molecular Biology and Microbiology with minors in Chemistry and Honors at the University of Wyoming. The opportunity to conduct meaningful, groundbreaking research at UW is a dream come true. Outside of academics, Max loves to spend time with friends and family, play chess, and explore Wyoming’s great outdoors.


Max is working with Dr. Thomas Boothby in the Department of Molecular Biology. Max’s work focuses on developing a novel method of storing blood clotting factors and other biologic pharmaceuticals in a dry state at ambient temperature without the need for cold-chain refrigeration, freezing, or lyophilization. By utilizing the molecules used by tardigrades and other stress tolerant organisms to protect themselves in stressful environments, Max hopes to employ the same biologically protective molecules to stabilize life-saving medicines.


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