Space Trunks

Our Space Trunks were designed to be self-contained educational resources for teachers. The trunks contain tabletop activities, curriculum, and audio/visual components. The tabletop activities have been designed for one child or a group of students at one time. Curricula materials are included to help the teacher enhance the tabletop activities, along with various videos, posters, and CDs geared towards a wide variety of ages. These trunks can easily be shipped to rural communities all over the state of Wyoming (Space Grant pays for all shipping costs).

Complete our Space Trunk Request Survey OR download the Space Trunk REQUEST FORM and e-mail it to wsgc@uwyo.eduIf you have not received a response from us within two business days, please call the Space Grant office at 307-766-6506.

We currently are offering Space Trunks on:

  • GPS/GIS (All grades) – Trunk includes 20 Garmin eTrex GPS units, laminated GPS instructions, and a USB drive with PowerPoints, curriculum, and data files. Click on the following links for files: GPS instructionsCurriculum unit, GPS, GISMapping Ecosystems.
  • Hands-On Optics: Terrific Telescopes (7-9th grade) – Pictures of Trunk Contents
    In Terrific Telescopes, students will explore basic properties of positive lenses. Positive lenses are used to focus rays of light to create images. Through the use of hands-on activities, exciting experiments, and teacher-lead demonstrations, the students will lean how light is refracted, find the properties of lenses, learn how to use lenses as simple magnifiers, and how to combine two lenses to create a simple refracting telescope. (Teacher’s Information and Guide); (Project Star Telescope)
  • Rockets-Currently being updated/out of circulation (3rd grade) – Picture of Trunk Contents
    The activities and materials in the Rockets Trunk have been created to help students better understand how rockets work. In particular, Newton’s Third Law of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) is stressed. The NASA Rocket Educator Guide is included which contains additional activities. (Teacher’s Information and Guide)
  • Stay tuned for new NASA-themed traveling science kits coming soon!

Please note these trunks are very large and heavy (the Telescope Trunk is about 75 pounds), they do have handles and wheels, but they may require two people to move if they have to be carried up stairs, over, or through any obstacles.