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Thanks for volunteering with the Science Kitchen!

We couldn’t do what we do without all of YOU.  You are inspiring the future generations of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by making the topics come alive for these students!

Thanks for making STEM happen for the students of Wyoming.

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Upcoming Events

(Please check your email for more details.)

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with:

Monday, April 24th: Rock River High School  We will do electricity/penny batteries with this group.  We are looking for volunteers to help with this activity.


Wednesday, April 26th: Pioneer Park Elementary (1st grade)  Activity TBD, but likely straw rockets or liquid nitrogen.  We are looking for volunteers to help with this activity.


A big THANK YOU – to the many of you who have signed up to help with the Women in STEM conference on Tuesday, May 16th.  If you are still interested in volunteering, we could still use more people!  Visit our Women in STEM websitefor more information about the event and our online form for information about specific volunteer duties and/or to sign up!


Another all-day event we are recruiting volunteers for will take place IN Saratoga on Wednesday, May 10th. We will do all-school activities with their K-6th graders, seeing seven different groups of students for 30 minutes each (students will rotate between stations). We do need some extra volunteers to both help and lead activities. Travel and lunch will be provided!

Future events to keep on the radar:

  • Tuesday, May 2nd: Destiny Christian Academy 7th/8th graders
  • Saturday, May 6th: Fossil Fish Fest!
  • Tuesday, May 9th: Rock River 2nd/3rd graders
  • Thursday, May 11th: Prairie Wind Elementary 1st graders



Also check out the information for the Wyoming Afterschool Alliance Summer Fellows Program, which is a PAID opportunity for undergraduates this summer to do STEM outreach in their hometowns!  


They Wyoming Afterschool Alliance is hosting a FREE summer professional development day for anyone considering working with youth this summer on Saturday, April 29th.  This is a really great opportunity to build your STEM toolkit with play-based learning, skill-building, and other tools for engaging youth and growing young people’s STEAM identity. You will receive materials for making STEAM learning relevant, fun, and engaging for youth of all ages!  Register today!


Past Events (blog highlights)

Students Wanted for Quantum Science Camp

Students Wanted for Quantum Science Camp Dates:  July 10–23, 2022 Eligible:  High school seniors, college freshman, and teachers Location:  Casper College Registration Deadline:  May 31, 2022 ...

Read more

Science Kitchen Supply Inventory

We are currently updating our list of STEM outreach supplies to make it more user friendly, however you can see take a look at our old inventory list to get an idea of what we have to offer!

Ready Made Lessons

More coming soon!

Dry Ice (states of matter)

During this activity, students will get to explore the chemistry of dry ice – what is it? Does it exist as a liquid? What happens when we add hot or cold water to the dry ice? What hap-pens when we add soap to dry ice? Hand sanitizer? Food coloring? Can we blow up a balloon using dry ice?  View Activity Guide Here

Liquid Nitrogen

Explore states and properties of matter, chemical reactions, and more in this ‘cool’ demo! View Activity Guide Here

Exploring Electricity (penny batteries)

Explore the basic principals of batteries and electricity in this hands-on activity that ends with students building their own lightbulb out of pennies. View Activity Guide Here

Up-Close Penny Battery


Explore the concept of radioactive decay using M&Ms, emphasizing procedure, data collection, and graphing. Students experience the phenomenon of radioactive decay by building and using a mini cloud chamber. They observe tracks created in a cloud chamber by ionizing radiation as it passes through a cooled, supersaturated alcohol vapor.

View the activity plans below:
Radioactive Decay
Cloud Chambers

Straw Rockets

Students explore the engineering design process as they design, build, test, and redesign straw rockets. Activity Guide Coming Soon!

Scientific Process with Glo Sticks

Young students explore the basic ideas of the scientific process including hypothesizing, variables, and controls in this hands-on activity! View the Activity Guide Here

Ecosystem Jenga

Created by Nicole Carter and Melanie LaCava.

Students learn about the complexity of food webs and ecosystems while playing a twist on the game Jenga. View the Game Rules Here

Bernoulli Principle

Explore the basics of Bernoulli’s Principle where fast-moving air creates low pressure with levitating results!

  View the activity plan here!

The Benefits of Outreach

coming soon!

STEM Outreach Resources

coming soon!

Science Kitchen STEM Outreach Trainings

Many folks indicated that they would be interested in STEM Outreach training, so we are planning to host several throughout the semester.  (Please note that these are not required, merely optional.) If you are interested in any, please take this short survey so we might get a better idea of when to host trainings as well as what topics to focus on.


Our Volunteer recruitment event may be over, but we still need volunteers!
If you are interested in volunteering, sign up here!

Want more information? Email

 View the presentation from our fall 2021 volunteer night here!
Are you interested in STEM outreach volunteer opportunities?

Please join us on Wednesday, August 31 from 5:30-6:30pm in ​Classroom Building 118 for an introductory meeting to learn about STEM outreach volunteer opportunities both on and off campus.

Join the Science Kitchen crew, the Learning Actively Mentoring Program (LAMP), the Wyoming Research Scholarship Program (WRSP), College of Engineering and Physical Science (and more) in providing activities for K-12 campus STEM visits and STEM road trips to schools around the state!

Food will be provided!

Interested but can’t attend? Email for more information.

Are you interested in STEM Outreach
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