MSE Seminar

Each semester, MSE graduate students and faculty are encouraged to attend the MSE Seminar. Graduate students can obtain 1 credit for attending and participating in the seminar course. The MSE seminar is held on Wednesdays during the semester over the lunch hour, with lunch provided. The MSE seminar provides an overview of MSE research and resources both on and off campus, methods, equipment, facilities, and more. Students attend each semester to gain knowledge in the field and to connect with other students and faculty engaged in materials science research on campus.

MSE Seminar Schedule Link

Spring 2024 Seminar Information:

Instructor:  Brian Leonard
Day and time:  Wednesdays from 12:00–1:00pm
Room:  Physical Science Room 234
Course:  Physics 5870
CRN:  26323
Credits:  1 S/U

MSE Research Symposium

The MSE Symposium is an annual symposium held each spring. The MSE Symposium provides a showcase for research in materials science on campus and provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to present their research. The symposium brings together faculty and students from the various departments on campus involved in the MSE program and encourages networking within the group. The symposium consists of an early evening poster session with MSE students presenting their research, a keynote speaker, and refreshments.