High-Altitude Balloon Program


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Latest Balloon Launch Highlight Videos

Here are a few recent videos highlighting our last three balloon flights. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to view more videos like this from as far back as 2014!


The Wyoming Space Grant has been running a successful high-altitude balloon satellite program since 2014. As of 2023, we have launched more than 75 balloons across the state with well over 3,000 participants and spectators. The majority of these launches have taken place with K-12 schools, summer camps, and after school programs. We have also launched with college groups inside and outside of UW, as well as other non-K-12 educational groups around the state.

In 2017, we were active participants in the National Eclipse Ballooning Project led by the Montana Space Grant, allowing us to stream live video of solar eclipse totality to the internet from the stratosphere high above Casper, WY. From 2019–2021, we ran the LIFT Project, an outreach program that allowed undergraduates from UW to get involved with K-12 outreach and high-altitude ballooning. Our future endeavors will continue to focus on using the thrill and excitement of high-altitude ballooning to provide authentic hands-on learning experiences for students and teachers across Wyoming.