NASA Center Summer Student Internships provide students the opportunity to get hands-on experience and to work with STEM professionals at NASA Centers or within the aerospace industry. Many opportunities are typically available each year.


  • Students must be U.S. citizens (and sometimes permanent residents), unless otherwise noted
  • Full-time community college, undergraduate, and graduate students are all eligible to apply
  • These internships are generally open to students completing their sophomore through senior years, or first- and second-year graduate students. Some NASA internship programs will accept community college students after their second year of study, especially if they will be transferring to a 4-year institution to complete their Bachelor’s degree.
  • Students must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours (or 45 quarter hours)
  • Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0/4.0 for most internship opportunities


The application process varies from center to center and with different opportunities. The application deadlines shown below are for 10-week summer internships. Funding for summer internships is $7,300 for undergraduates and $9,000 for graduate students.


NASA Center Summer Internships

Internships take place at NASA Centers and associated facilities. Students work with a full-time mentor at one of the NASA Centers or facilities on a hands-on research project. Students can also participate in seminars, social events, and enrichment opportunities.

NASA Academy Summer Internships

The NASA Academy is a unique summer institute of higher learning whose goal is to guide future leaders of the Space Program by giving them a unique perspective on the entire NASA system. It includes a 10-week residency program on the campus of a NASA research center. During this residency, students work closely with NASA researchers on on-going projects, work with other residents on team projects, and attend discussions with experts from both inside and outside NASA. Lodging and meals are provided. NASA Academy programs are regularly open at Ames, Glenn, Goddard, Langley, and Marshall.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Internships

An internship at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is a chance to do the impossible. Our internships put you right in the action with the scientists and engineers who’ve helped make JPL the leading center for robotic exploration of the solar system. Our programs are as varied as the places we explore, with opportunities across the STEM spectrum for undergrads, graduate students, postdocs and faculty. Join us and do something out of this world.


NASA Pathways Internships

The Pathways Internship Program offers students and recent graduates paid internships that are direct pipelines to full-time employment at NASA upon graduation. Pathways interns gain valuable work experience and professional development. Interns are paid federal civil servants with benefits. Completion of the Pathways program may lead to a NASA job offer.

Lunar and Planetary Institute Summer Intern Program in Planetary Science

Experience cutting-edge research in the planetary sciences at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) or Johnson Space Center working one-on-one with top-notch planetary scientists. Open to both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals.

  • Apply:
  • Deadline:  December 12, 2023 (closed)
  • Eligibility:  Open to undergraduate students with at least 50 semester hours of credit
Space Telescope Science Institute Summer Student Program

Each summer the Space Telescope Science Institute (STSCI) brings 15 to 20 students to Baltimore, Maryland, for a Space Astronomy Summer Program (SASP). SASP lasts ten weeks and students work with researchers and staff on projects ranging from astronomical research to science writing, software development, and preparation of scientific data for public release. There are no restrictions on who may apply.

Lloyd V. Berkner Space Policy Internships

The goal of the program is to provide promising undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to work in the area of civil space research policy in the Nation’s capital, under the aegis of the Space Studies Board.

NASA History Division Internship Opportunity

We primarily want an enthusiastic person who is a quick learner. Detailed prior knowledge of the aeronautics and space fields is not necessary, but a keen interest and some basic familiarity with these topics is needed. Since we deal with the historical aspects of science and technology policy, strong research, writing, and editing skills are key. Thus, social science majors who are interested in natural science might be best, although we would be glad to talk to any interested student.


Phone:  (307) 766-2862 or (307) 766-2987

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