NASA EPSCoR Goals, Objectives, and Priorities

For many years, Wyoming NASA EPSCoR projects have focused on the development of a Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) program at the University of Wyoming, and as a result the MSE program has made considerable progress. The MSE program has become a core area of expertise at the University of Wyoming. As the MSE program becomes more established at the University, Wyoming NASA EPSCoR plans continue to support the MSE program to ensure its continued development, while also focusing additional research efforts on computing and technology research innovations, including computer science, computational science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing, quantum materials, data science, and breakthrough technologies.

Both materials science and computing and technology research innovations have been identified by the State and the University of Wyoming as research and economic development priorities. Both include areas of interest to NASA as well. Supporting these research areas will continue to enable a cohesive, collaborative group in materials science at the University of Wyoming, as well as further research infrastructure development in the jurisdiction through supporting research in computing and technology innovations.

Wyoming NASA EPSCoR project goals are aimed at furthering NASA goals and objectives, meeting jurisdiction economic development needs, and strengthening University academic goals and areas of distinction, all while expanding and improving research infrastructure development in the state. Wyoming NASA EPSCoR support also helps to facilitate the development of partnerships with organizations outside of the University, which will enhance the jurisdiction’s abilities to respond to the research and technology development needs of NASA and the state.