Student Highlights: Adalyn Vergara


Class:  Senior

Major:  Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management; Environment and Natural Resources

My name is Adalyn Vergara and I am from Greeley, CO. Growing up I was highly involved in athletics but always found time to go outside to be active and explore, inspiring my fascination in the biology of plants, animals, and insects. This interest of mine led me to the University of Wyoming where I study Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management as well as Environment and Natural Resources. While I finish my bachelor’s in Laramie, I also enjoy hiking, exploring all the local coffee shops, and working at the Wyoming State Vet Lab.


I am working with my mentor, Lauren Azevedo Schmidt (PhD candidate in Ecology) and advisor Dr. Ellen Currano (Botany). My team and I are currently studying the relationship between leaf mass per area and insect herbivory across two temperate forest ecosystems in order to quantify the effects of the environment on plant-insect interactions. Comparing past and modern flora and insect relationships throughout deep time will help us understand how these interactions will be influenced as climate change ensues.


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