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Schedule a Private Show or Field Trip at the Planetarium

Information for Groups:

The University of Wyoming Harry C. Vaughan Planetarium is a great place to bring your class, club, or entire grade!  Learning about the planets or stars? Constellations? Galaxies? Let us know and we can cater our shows to your topic. We also always offer general sky shows for a great introduction to astronomy.

Our shows are typically one hour long although it is very easy for us to modify the time as needed.

School field trips are $50.  All other private shows will be $50 for the first hour, $25 each additional hour. Payments can be made by cash, check, voucher or IDR.  Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards.

Please complete our NEW Planetarium Show Request Survey to set up a show. Or contact us at 307-766-6150 and for more information.

For parking information please contact Transit and Parking Service at 307-766-9800 or visit their Parking Options webpage.

Questions?  Contact us at or (307) 766-6506