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NASA EPSCoR MSE Faculty Research Initiation Grants

Due: Spring 2020


  • Faculty Grant proposals may be submitted by faculty members at the University of Wyoming.
  • Proposals must be of a nationally competitive nature.
  • Faculty must hold the rank of assistant professor, associate professor, professor, research associate, or equivalent (adjunct faculty members and post docs are not eligible).
  • Research projects MUST have a materials science focus.

Faculty Research Grants are intended to support new faculty just starting out in their careers or established faculty who are embarking on a significantly new research direction. These grants are intended to give proposers a “leg-up” in future proposals to other funding agencies (including NASA and NSF). Women, faculty from underrepresented groups, and early career faculty are especially encouraged to apply.


  • Awards may include faculty summer salary, including benefits.
  • Supplies or other research expenses (including wages/support for students or post-docs and travel necessary for the project) are also acceptable.
  • Grant requests can be made up to a maximum of $20,000
  • The award may not be used for page charges, international travel, tuition for special institutes or off-campus programs, or the purchase of equipment costing more than $1000.
  • Projects may begin in July and must must be completed by the end of June of the following year (unless other arrangements are made in advance). Any amount of money that remains unspent by the end of June of the following year will be relinquished.
  • Cost share in the form of faculty time spent on the project while receiving salary from the University is required in an amount equal to the award.  For UW Faculty this can be reported on monthly PAR reports.


Completed applications must be submitted to by the deadline.  The application should include:

  1. Completed Faculty Application – MS Word
  2. Proposal Document- Instructions – **please write for a general audience

You should receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application within two business days, if you do not receive this confirmation please contact our office.


  • The probability that the recipient will develop a successful research program, resulting in publication and/or proposals to another funding agency.
  • Proposals that include non-federal cost share that can be documented will be given priority.
  • Proposals that cannot be fully funded from other sources will be given priority.
  • Proposals must be well written and include the following elements:
    1. strong justification
    2. a clear set of goals
    3. an evaluation mechanism which determines successful completion of the goals set
    4. a detailed time-line for achieving the goals outlined
    5. a realistic budget for the project
  • Goals in line with NASA National Space Grant, and the strategic missions of one or more of NASA‘s Mission Directorates:


  • Recipients are expected to keep WSGC informed of their progress.
  • Research programs are expected to result in publication in a refereed journal and/or a proposal to another funding agency (i.e., NSF or NASA).
  • Presentation of research on campus is expected; presentation at national scientific meetings is highly encouraged.
  • Recipients will be expected to notify WSGC of any publications or presentations resulting from the funding (even if they are made many years after the grant period.)
  • If additional proposals are submitted to other funding agencies resulting from this funding, you are expected to notify the WSGC office of these proposals (either successful or not successful).
  • A written FINAL REPORT is required and must be submitted in a timely manner following the completion of the grant year.

Past Recipients