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MSE Seminar and Symposium

MSE Symposium

The 2019 Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Symposium will be held April 10, 2019.  The MSE Symposium highlights materials science and engineering research.  The symposium will include a Keynote Presentation at 4pm followed by student Poster Presentations and snacks at 5pm in the NEW Engineering Building.   This year’s Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Michael Mirkin from Queens College – CUNY, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  This year’s MSE Symposium will also include an Artificial Intelligence workshop in the afternoon and tour of facilities in the new Engineering Building. If you plan on attending or presenting a poster, please register for the symposium here:


MSE Seminar

Spring 2019: The MSE Seminar will be held every Wednesday at 12pm in CR 215 (unless otherwise noted on the schedule).

Registration Information:

26227 – CHE 5150-01 – Johnson – Tpcs: Materials Science Engr Sem  1 credit  OR

23934 – CHE 5150-02 – Johnson – Topics: MSE Seminar  1 credit

Spring 2019 Schedule:

Date Speaker Room
30-Jan Introduction AG 2018
6-Feb Takashi Yanase – Visiting Scientist at UW CR 215
13-Feb Hud Wahab – University of Wyoming CR 215
20-Feb Ritesh Sachan – Oklahoma State University CR 215
27-Feb NO SEMINAR CR 215
13-Mar Patrick Woodward – Ohio State University CR 215
29-Mar Lars Kotthoff – University of Wyoming EIC 201 – Encana Auditorium
3-Apr Alan Stenquist – University of Wyoming CR 215
10-Apr MSE Symposium – Michael Mirkin – Queens College – CUNY NEW Engineering Bldg
17-Apr Michael Demkowicz – Texas A&M University CR 215
24-Apr Phuoc Duong – University of Wyoming CR 215
1-May Patrick Johnson – University of Wyoming CR 215
8-May Wrap-Up and Fall Planning CR 215