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MSE Seminar and Symposium

MSE Symposium

The 2018 Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Symposium will be held on Wednesday, March 21 from 4-7pm.  The MSE Symposium highlights materials science and engineering research being done on campus.  The symposium starts with a Keynote Presentation at 4pm in the Berry Center Auditorium, followed by student Poster Presentations and snacks at 5pm in the Enzi STEM Building Atrium.  This year’s speaker will be Dr. Chris Leighton from the University of Minnesota.  Please see the MSE Poster for more information, including the title and abstract for the Keynote.

  If you plan on attending, please register for the symposium, so we can get a good headcount for the event:  Thank you!

MSE Seminar

Spring 2018: The MSE Seminar is held every Wednesday at 12pm in EN 3076 (unless otherwise noted on the schedule).

Registration Information:

23349 – PHYS 5870-02 – Johnson – Special Topics: MSE Seminar

26227 – CHE 5150-01 – Johnson – Materials Science Engr Sem

23934 – CHE 5150-02 – Johnson – MSE Seminar

Spring 2018 Schedule:

Date Speaker Room
24-Jan Introduction EN 1022
31-Jan Audra DeStefano – UW Department of Chemical Engineering EN 3076
7-Feb Brandon Durant – UW Department of Chemistry EN 3076
14-Feb Daniel Harris – UW Department of Chemistry EN 3076
21-Feb Melissa Reynold – Colorado State University CR 314
28-Feb Henry Wladkowski – UW Department of Physics and Astronomy EN 3076
7-Mar Franco Basile – UW Department of Chemistry EN 3076
21-Mar MSE Symposium (4-7pm): Chris Leighton – University of Minnesota BC/ENZI
28-Mar Scott Barton – Michigan State University CR 314
4-Apr Daniel Debroy – UW Department of Chemical Engineering EN 3076
9-Apr SER: Chris Cornelius – University of Nebraska Encana Auditorium
18-Apr Dr. Walsh – CoorsTek CR 314
25-Apr Michael Seas – UW Department of Chemical Engineering EN 3076
2-May Jeff Squier – Colorado School of Mines CR 314