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MSE Seminar and Symposium

MSE Symposium

The 2019 Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Symposium will be held in Spring 2019 – stay tuned for more information!  The MSE Symposium highlights materials science and engineering research being done on campus.  The symposium starts with a Keynote Presentation at 4pm in the Berry Center Auditorium, followed by student Poster Presentations and snacks at 5pm in the Enzi STEM Building Atrium

MSE Seminar

Fall 2018: The MSE Seminar is held every Wednesday at 12pm in CR 103 (unless otherwise noted on the schedule).

Registration Information:

13017 – PHYS 5870-03 – Leonard – Special Topics: MSE Seminar

Spring 2018 Schedule:

Date Speaker Room
29-Aug Introduction and Planning CR 209
5-Sep Graduate Student Lightning Talks CR 103
12-Sep Dr. Jao VandeLagemaat – NREL CR 103
19-Sep Dr. Stefan Holberg – UW Department of Chemical Engineering CR 103
26-Sep Dr. Corey Billington – UW College of Business CR 103
3-Oct Dr. Jamie Neilson – Colorado State University CR 103
10-Oct Dr. Shuai Tan – UW Department of Chemical Engineering CR 103
17-Oct Dr. Pejman Tahmasebi CR 103
24-Oct Yuqi She – UW Department of Chemistry CR 103
31-Oct Valerie Kuehl – UW Department of Chemistry CR 103
7-Nov Dr. Hadi Fekrmandi – South Dakota School of Mines and Technology CR 103
14-Nov Partha Saha – UW Department of Chemistry CR 103
28-Nov Dr. Jifa Tian – UW Department of Physics and Astronomy CR 103
5-Dec Wrap Up and Planning for 2019 CR 103